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RONGO - Dog from Mars
Wedding Gift
Robo-Mermaid (and robofish)
Automaton Comics #1
Owl's Gaze Tavern
The Many Faces of Wood
Commission for Pay Dirt bar, SE PDX
STEVE - The fish headed man
Bot in Green
In Bot We Trust.
The Divine Stand
Robot in Blue
Night Flight
Doctor Sparko
Skull - Teddy Bears
Classic Kicks in wood
Skull - Bird of Good Fortune
Big Bot - Space Monkey WHQ
TEOTE - Logo and Dimensional Lotus
Happy Demon Hot Sauce
Robot Steve
Fair Warning - Comission
Plum Blossom - Comission
Skull - The Bat
The Devil Taught me to Rock
Luna's Puppets - Commission
Bite O' Pork
Wrecks for Mechs
Lion Blood
Bot Rides Cat
Squirrels Scare Bot
Bot in Green 2
Bot in Red
Grumpy Devil
Mechanized Infantry 1
Metal Man
Tricycle of Doom
Mechanized Infantry 2
The Hand that Bites
Attack of the Zombie Rabbits
Bot Digs the Fett
Attack of the 100ft Robot
It Came from the Burbs
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